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Chemline Metering Valve Labels

Chemline Metering Valve Labels

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Chemline Metering Valve Labels

Price PER label.

ALL Chemline Labels are compatible with 3/4" & 1" valves.

Label Options are:

BLUE- Water / H20

PINK- Soap / Detergent

RED- Bleach / SH

GRADIENT- SH/ Bleach *corresponds with 4" x 8" ratio chart* (Rainbow Color)


As always, if you have any questions regarding a certain surface, variables or other technical questions please feel to reach out at 904-333-6000.


No more breaking your neck to see where you "think" your valve is set at

Very easy to identify which liquid each valve is.

Training just got a lot easier for the new guys.

Hi Vis / color coordination for easy identification

Consistent adjustments, settings, percentages each and every time.


Employees can no longer use the excuse "I didn't know what setting it was on"

"Some assembly required".

Your legs may not be able to keep up with the efficiency increase.

These labels mount directly on the gray portion of the metering valve.

This label also has a LIFETIME warranty! Contact us if it wears, falls off, or gets ruined. We'll send you another one free of charge! Price is $13.99 per label.

NOTE: Each and every fitting, length of hose, plumbing parts, etc. will alter the overall final percentage of the mixture you will have. The strength of your chemical will be different from one person to another. Keep this in mind while ordering and operating. Your 1% mix may be someone else’s 0.5% mix. It’s up to you to figure out exactly where you need to be.

Our labels are designed for a “perfect environment”.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!


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